Bethany Laursen
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Author: Bethany Laursen

Hubbs Hosts TDI Workshop for NEH-Funded Project on Philosophy and Money

TDI Senior Member Graham Hubbs ran a workshop this summer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the NEH-Sponsored Project "Philosophy and Money: An Historical and Interdisciplinary Consideration of Economies and Worldviews.” Joseph Tinguely, a philosopher at the University of South Dakota, is the project director.

The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative Center Opens at Michigan State University

In June 2021, the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative (TDI) Center was created to provide research-based capacity building services to teams and communities around the world. Using dialogue-based workshops and similar activities, TDI Center works with groups interested in improving their ability to collaborate. With partners that

TDI innovates to include ongoing dialogue with teams

Dr. Graham Hubbs and Dr. Sanford Eigenbrode are embedding the Toolbox approach in the everyday workings of a cross-disciplinary team at their home institution, the University of Idaho. Dr. Hubbs and Dr. Eigenbrode will now be gathering information from GEM3 (Genes by Environment) members about

New TDI research on facilitating values work in team science

TDI researchers Dr. Bethany Laursen, Dr. Chad Gonnerman, and Dr. Steve Crowley just published an open access article about the Toolbox approach to dialogue and how it can and does assist environmental science teams in navigating plural values. The article also describes how the TDI

TDI on the global stage again at i2insights

TDI members and book co-editors Graham Hubbs, Michael O’Rourke and Steve Orzack discuss the Toolbox approach to the "Problem of Unacknowledged Differences" in their blog post at These differences arise because members of different disciplines read different literatures, acquire different skill sets & learn

TDI integration discussed at i2Insights blog

Dr. Stephen Crowley and Dr. Graham Hubbs discuss TDI’s IPO model of integration at the Integration and Implementation Insights (i2Insights) blog hosted by Dr. Gabriele Bammer. Their post reviews some of the conceptual challenges that arise when speaking of integration and sketches the IPO model’s

TDI is international hub for scholarship on research integration

TDI is internationally known for its cutting-edge scholarship on the nature and practice of research integration. To consolidate and share our this scholarship, we have created a new page dedicated to our Integration Research Working Group. Ongoing projects include: The IPO Model of Integration Integration

New article shows how Toolbox instruments prompt focus group discussions

The article, “Using a survey to initiate and sustain productive dialogue in focus groups," was recently published in the International Journal of Social Research Methodology. The authors describe the use of the Toolbox instrument as a survey to stimulate dialogue and how this approach might

Toolbox is part of Team Science Training

Dr. Marisa Rinkus (C4I Postdoc) led a Toolbox Dialogue Initiative-based Team Science workshop, with Dr. Michael O’Rourke (C4I Director), Dr. Edgar Cardenas (C4I Postdoc), and Dr. Stephen Crowley (Boise State University), on August 11th from 12pm-2pm (eastern) as part of the Team Science Institute hosted by