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Our Services

TDI runs different types of workshops depending on the needs of our partner. Workshop types vary from one-time virtual options to customized sets of in-person workshops distributed over the life of a project. All workshops can be in-person or virtual. Workshop fees vary and are available on request.

photo of people engaging in interdisciplinary discussion

Capacity-building workshops

Dialogue-based workshops help groups identify beliefs and values that influence team interaction. Through structured dialogue and associated co-creation activities, Toolbox workshops enhance the capacity of groups to coordinate their activities and achieve their project objectives.

Strategic planning workshops

We also deliver dialogue-based workshops that help organizations think about their values and priorities, identifying similarities and differences that inform strategic planning. With these workshops, we assist partner organizations in developing their mission and vision statements.

group discussion workshop
photo of woman leading a discussion session

Communication support

TDI provides data-based communication support for partner organizations and projects, gathering information through surveys about internal communication dynamics. With this information, TDI helps partners identify strengths and weaknesses in communication within their group and work toward a positive communication culture.

The Process

All workshops involve preparatory work with partners and follow-up from TDI. For an individual, tailored workshop, the process involves five steps:

Step 1

Mutual learning

Gather information from the partner that informs workshop elements and the design of the Toolbox instrument used to structure the dialogue

Step 2

Collaborative design

Develop the workshop elements iteratively with the partner

Step 3

Workshop delivery

Deliver a workshop with structured dialogue and co-creation activities developed for the partner

Step 4

Your Results

Prepare a report that contains observations of the workshop elements and recommendations for the partner

Step 5

Next Steps

Meet with the partner to discuss the report and identify next steps for implementing recommendations

Workshops Conducted In







Evidence of Effectiveness

In 2017, TDI workshop programming was evaluated by the Western Michigan Evaluation Center, yielding a report represented by these infographics. The full report is available upon request.

graphic of the communication and collaboration worksheet

Collaboration & Communication Infographic

photo of learning and application worksheet

Learning & Application Infographic

graphic of the what is the toolbox worksheet

What is the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative Infographic

Interested in a Workshop?

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