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Cover page for Malavisi & O'Rourke 2023

Global Development, Humanitarian Aid, and the Toolbox Dialogue Method

Global development and humanitarian aid sectors are rife with ethical problems, from the harmful impact of inappropriate development projects to the roles national governments play in violating the human rights of those in need of humanitarian aid, e.g., asylum seekers. These sectors have come under

Cover of Malavisi 2022 book

The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative and Development Practice

In this chapter of her new book, Dr. Anna Malavisi offer a concrete example of doing helpful philosophy using the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative. This approach offers a way to enhance effective communication, but also practice. First Paragraph of Chapter During my time as a development practitioner one

Bennett et al 2022 cover page

Collaboration Agreement Template

This Collaboration Agreement template is designed to help your team be explicit about the details of your collaboration. It is important for your team to devote effort early to designing your collaboration so that you are set up for success and can focus on the

Thumbnail of O'Rourke et al 2021

Failure and what to do next: Lessons from the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative

In this chapter, we identify lessons about cross-disciplinary practice from our experience in the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative (TDI). These include (1) the rich variety of ways failure can manifest in projects, (2) the need to learn from failure, especially in the context of cross-disciplinary research

TDI book thumbnail

The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative: The Power of Cross-Disciplinary Practice

We wrote a book! It's the first-ever volume telling the entire story of the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative.   Cross-disciplinary scientific collaboration is emerging as standard operating procedure for many scholarly research enterprises. And yet, the skill set needed for effective collaboration is neither taught nor mentored. The