Toolbox Dialogue Initiative | Research
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The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative (TDI) is a collective that conducts research in combination with its facilitation of communication and collaboration in cross-disciplinary research and practice. Its research and facilitation efforts form a feedback loop, with the research informing its facilitative outreach, and the outreach informing its research. The result is a dynamic, evidence-based initiative that produces high-quality research in tandem with helpful workshops.

Below are links to the products of our ongoing research efforts. We have organized these from newest to oldest, but they can be sorted using one of the following tags:

  • (a) focused research – these research products focus on the Toolbox approach;
  • (b) involving research – these products involve a contribution from TDI;
  • (c) critical research – these products are theoretical treatments of constructs associated with the work of TDI;
  • (d) facilitative research – these more engaged products are related to the facilitation of complex research and practice.

The focused/involving distinction and the critical/facilitative distinction are orthogonal, but each is exhaustive.

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